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“Windhorse Mongolia” is an enthusiastic local tour operator / travel agency established in 2015 based in Ulaanbaatar which is specialized in providing an authentically experience of the unique Mongolian nomadic way of life.

Thank you for visiting “Windhorse Mongolia” tours as well as for your support on booking our responsible budget and luxury travels.
We are welcoming you to our beautiful Mongolian countryside and we are inviting you to enjoy a well-organized, safe, experienced tour and other services with us.

Our individual and flexible designed travel tours in all parts of Mongolia are sure to provide you exclusive and unforgettable experiences with a guarantee to refresh and revitalize your body, mind and soul.
We are convinced that, like our previous guests, you will have one of the best times and biggest adventures of your life!

Our goal is to offer travelers the experience of unspoiled nature on hidden tracks in less visited locations and getting the chance to get familiarized with nomad families who are still living the traditional lifestyle of rural Mongolia. You will too sleep in a 1000-star-hotel: in the Mongolian ger!

It is our big honor to be your guide and friend during your journey through our vast and breathtaking country while making sure that all your personal needs are met and your deepest dreams will finally become reality!
In order to help saving our beautiful environment and cultural traditions, we do our best to travel together in a sustainable and respectful manner. We are hoping for your understanding and cooperation here and are eager to learn further from each other’s knowledge.

For special and brave people like you who are looking for an outstanding experience and who have chosen to explore and experience pure Mongolia, a warm welcome awaits you!

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