Discover the Birthland of Chingis Khaan


DAY 1. Khukh Nuur – Blue Lake   

The full name of the lake is the Blue Lake of Black Heart. Black Heart is the pointed topped mountain on the north side of the lake. Blue Lake is a very important place in Mongolian history particularly of Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khan). Here Temuujin (Chinggis Kha  childhood name) was given the title, “Chinggis Khaan”, and was invested as a “The Great Khaan of all Mongolia” in 1189. The stone ruins of a ger with a diameter of 15 meters on the south side of this lake could be the ruins of the palace ger where Chinggis Khaan was proclaimed khaan. There are also wooden statues in the forest dedicated to Chingis Khaan and the next 36 khans of Mongolia. The surrounding area of Khukh Nuur is quiet, peaceful and wonderful for hiking & relaxation.

DAY 2. Baldan Bereeven Monastery

The monastery was built in the 1700s with over 20 temples made of granite stone. At its peak use it was one of the largest monasteries and Buddhist centers in Mongolia with up to 7000 monks living there. All of the monastery buildings were destroyed by the communist in 1937. Now restoration work of the monastery is under way and some temples, numerous carved Buddhas on the steep rock and other truly interesting Buddhist sites are available to see and enjoy visiting. Some ancient Deer Stone Monuments are not far from the monastery.

DAY  3.Oglogchiin Kherem (Oglogch Wall)

Oglogch Wall is located at the base of Daichin Mountain, 45km southwest of Batshireet soum. The wall, 3km in length, is made entirely of stones without the use of mortar. When Russian archeologist S.Kondratiev explored the site in 1926, the wall was 2.5-4.5 meters in height. Today it stands 3.1 meters tall at its highest point. Last summer, Mongolian-American joint expedition team “Genghis Khan” discovered approximately 60 tombs near the wall. The archeologists believe that Oglochiin Kherem may be a burial place of great Mongolian figures, such as Genghis or Kublai Khan.

  DAY  4. Binder and Dadal Sum 

The secret history of the Mongols says Chinggis khan announced him as a king in near Binder sum.  Drive more and stay overnight in Dadal Sum.

DAY 5. Deluun Boldog in Dadal  Sum

It is said in the “  The Secret history  of the Mongols “, Chinggis    Khaan was born in a place  called Deluun Boldog  that is located in Dadal Sum. Deluun Boldog is considered the birthplace of  Chinggis Khaan . In 1962, Khentii province officials created a monument to the memory of Chinggis Khaan for his 800 th birthday anniversary . Khajuu Bulag, the spring where Chinggis was washed after he was born, is not far from the monument where you can drink from the same spring he did.

DAY  6. Drive to the Kherlen River/ Kherlen Bars city ruins
Drive to  Kherlen River. Mongolian Great king Chinggis spent his childhood picking mushrooms and berries along the river.
Explore the ruins of Kherlen Bars

DAY.7  Khentii province

See the Museum of Chingis Khaan  explore the sites.

DAY 8. Terelj National Park and Chinngis Khaan Statue

Terelj national Park is recognized as a part of huge Khan Khentii reserve and established as a Strictly Protected Area in 1992. The Park’s most spectacular features are its huge granite bloks and cliffs as well as meadows rich in wild flowers. Terelj offers fascinating rock formations against a background of pine covered mountains. The average elevation is about 1600m. with peaks reaching 2900m. The park is reach in flora and fauna and reminds of beautiful Alpine valleys. It is green meadows carpeted with Edelweiss abd dazzlong variety of other wild flowers attract nature lovers. Typical round rock masses determine the look of the overwhelming nature. It is a wonderul hiking and horse riding area. You can visit a nomadic family or just let yourself be absorbed in silence of nature.

DAY 9. Drive to UB after lunch .



 Accommodation during the trip / Yurt / Mongolian’s called Ger / tourist camp, tent /
 Driver + 4WD vehicle +Petrol
 English Speaking guide
 Three meals / Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/ vegetarian food is available on your request.
 Bottled water supply for 1.5 L per person every day
 Camel riding
 Horse riding
 Entrance fees for National parks and Museums
 Pick up
 Drop off


 Accommodation in UB
 International Airfare
 Personal items
 Optional activity costs
 Alcoholic drinks
 Travel insurance


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